400dpiLogoWelcome to Lupulex Guest House, a modern local lodging located in the city of Bragança for a population with a temporary accommodation’s need while working, studying, scientific investigations, tourism…

Clients can rent our rooms and take advantage of all common areas and facilities inside an apartment of 160m2.

Details, cleaning and organization are a concern and a daily goal shared by our guests that decide to live some period of their lives at Lupulex Guest House.

Lupulex Guest House is a home sharing concept with full respect for our guests independent of origin, social status, sexual orientation, religion and race.

Lupulex Guest House is not a family house. We are a friends house where fun, friendship and sharing moments is promoted but also a place where the individuality of each guest is respected.

Prices for short periods renting (days or weeks) are ALWAYS cheaper than the prices in any local hotel, are higher than the typical model of renting apartments in Bragança and uniques and perfect when the client is looking for a comfortable, modern, full equipped, safe and cleaning place to stay.