Welcome toLupulex GuestHouse

A modern local lodging located in the city of Bragança, Portugal


Welcome to Lupulex Guest House, a modern local lodging located in the city of Bragança for a population with a temporary accommodation’s need.

Lupulex Guest House is a local lodging of high comfort and safety certified by the most prestigious recognition for local lodging in Portugal, Quality Program powered by AHRESP and Turismo Portugal.

Considering our commitment to guest´s health we developed and implemented a protocol of disinfection, cleaning and procedures in our accommodations which allow the trust and tranquillity of all that look for our services.

Lupulex Guest House is not a family house. We are a friends house where fun, friendship and sharing moments is promoted but also a place where the individuality of each guest is respected.

Prices for short periods renting (days or weeks) are ALWAYS cheaper than the prices in any local hotel, are higher than the typical model of renting apartments in Bragança and uniques and perfect when the client is looking for a comfortable, modern, full equipped, safe and cleaned place to stay.

Lupulex GuestHouse

is certified by the QUALITY Program.


Clients can book our rooms and take advantage of all common
areas and facilities inside an apartment of 160m2.

Keep Silent Room

1 bed, 1 bathroom

Liberty & Connection Room

2 single beds, 1 bathroom

Master Bedroom

1 double bed, 1 private bathroom


Guests are invited to use the common areas in addition to the bedroom and private bathroom.
With a fully equipped kitchen, guests can prepare their own meals and enjoy the dining room.

Living Room
Dining Room
Vacuum Cleaner
Washing Machine
Plasma Television
Hair Dryer
Ironing Board
Free Wi-Fi
Central Heating
Book Collection
Fire Alarm
Clothes Dryer

What to Visit

Discover the town of Bragança: a city lost behind the big mountains of the Northeast of Portugal.
Follow our trip through this marvelous Region and discover this single treasure.


Castle of Bragança

The Castle of Bragança, one of the most representative of medieval architecture, was built in 1409 by order of D. João I, on the foundations of the time of the first king of Portugal, D. Afonso Henriques.

Protected Landscape of Azibo’s Albufeira

Located in the municipality of Macedo de Cavaleiros, the dam was built in the early eighties. The large capacity for water storage has created an ecosystem conducive to the existence of numerous species of migratory birds that attract year-round visits by many ornithologists and nature lovers. This important Protected Area has been integrated into the Natura 2000 Network.

Puebla de Sanabria

The town has been recognized as a Historic-Artistic Site. It still preserves most of the walls which once protected the city. Its magnificent castle dates from the second half of the 15th century and is the archetype of a medieval defensive structure.

Rio de Onor Village

Included in the perimeter of the Natural Park of Montesinho is, undoubtedly, the most emblematic village of the northeastern end of the county. Rio de Onor is an emblematic case, reinforced by its frontier position, with the Spanish homonym, – Rihonor de Castilla.

Domus Municipalis

Monumento singular da arquitectura românica civil; exemplar arquitectónico eloquente do período tardo medieval, a juntar à Torre de Menagem. A sua edificação data, muito provavelmente, do primeiro terço de quatrocentos (como se comprova por um documento de 1501), podendo ter coincidido com a do castelo.


Guests are invited to make use of the common areas in addition to the bedroom and private bathroom.
With a fully equipped kitchen, guests can prepare their own meals and enjoy the dining room.

Rua Lupulex n4, 2nd left,
5300-399 Bragança
Google Map
+351 915 603 826

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